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A resilient & effective State Administration Services for the advancement of Sarawak.

Committed to dynamic leadership, quality and trusted State Administration Services


1.      Customer centricity
         Emphasis the need for prioritization of services that really meet the satisfaction of the customers, stakeholders and the rakyat.

2.      Good Governance
         Compliance to rules, regulations and procedures in delivering quality services.

3.      Integrity
         To nurture the culture of trustworthiness, transparency and accountability.
Strategic Thrusts

The Strategic Plan 2022-2024 has developed four (4) strategic thrusts. These strategic thrusts are high level initiatives arising from the strategic vision, mission and goals that serve to guide the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan. The four (4) strategic thrusts enable Administration Unit to track the implementation progresses to ensure all the goals are achievable. The four (4) strategic thrusts are as follows:-
  • Optimise Utilization of Resources
          To manage Asset, Human, and Financial resources effectively and cost efficiently.
  • Enhance Service Delivery
          Streamlining procedures and processes to improve service delivery efficiency
  • Enhance Integrated Digital Services
         Data management through Integrated Digital Systems.
  • Enhance Human Resource
            Increase skills, knowledge and strengthening UP organization

  •   Integrity        
  •   Kind & Caring
  •   Professionalism
  •   Result Oriented
  •   Teamwork 
  •   Sense of Urgency & Ownership