Firm first to have GPS, seat belt on bus in Sarawak

Posted on 25 Sep 2009

* Berita ini terdapat dalam Bahasa Inggeris sahaja.

MIRI: Miri Transport Company (MTC) Sdn Bhd created history when it became the first public transport in Sarawak to install the radio navigation system or global positioning system (GPS) and seat belt on its express buses.

MTC general manager Yeo Yow Shun said yesterday the company was going all this distance because it believed in passenger safety.

He said with the system in place the company would be able to keep track of its express buses as regards to their location and speed.

He said in that way the company’s administrative office would be able to keep drivers on the right side of the law “at all times”.

“Through GPS we are able to know the location of the bus and the speed it is travelling.


“These details are being made available to our office every two minutes and will be kept in our record,” Yeo told reporters yesterday.

According to Yeo, the company now has the system in four of its express buses for a trial run.

He said all 17 company buses would have the system installed if it proves successful.

According to Yeo, the system costs RM1,400 per unit.

On the fixing of seat belts, he said the company would ensure that passengers fasten up like those flying in planes.

“We want our passengers to be safe and feel safe,” he said.

On another development, MTC, he said, would soon introduce the VIP express bus concept to their customers in the state.

He said the VIP feature would include a TV screen for every seat and personal selection of movies for the passenger.

Yeo said once the company had found the suppliers of the equipment, the VIP express should be running.

source from The Borneo Post