SEGi ups notch with online LMS software

Posted on 20 Mar 2010

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KUCHING: SEGi College Sarawak is upping the notch to better quality teaching facilities with an online e-learning teaching software giving its students access to both real and virtual classrooms.

In the press statement released yesterday, it said  The Learning Management System (LMS) provides students with additional access to lecturers and fellow students via an internal Internet-based portal.Picture

In addition, the students will also have online course information, projected study timeframes, study notes and lecturers’ advices at any time, any where via the Internet. And best of all, the service to the students is free.

“We began distributing the students their access codes in February and the LMS is currently undergoing its initial run to ensure that the system will perform smoothly,” said Alan Tan, SEGi College Sarawak Vice Principal (Academic), in the press released.

“We will be continually upgrading the system to value-add services into the LMS so that students will benefit from its usage.

“The primary function of the LMS is to provide a platform for the creation and delivery of courses as well as provide students with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums from any location with Internet access,” added the press statement.

The add-on virtual education service is a plus for students who are unable to attend their classes due to unforeseen circumstances such as falling sick or seeing to urgent personal matters, as they will be able to make use of the system to catch up.

Lecturers or tutors will post announcements related to the specific courses or subjects online to keep students abreast of their studies.

“However, students are not encouraged to skip classes as a result because the LMS is suppose to supplement the education process, not replace the conventional classes,” Tan said, adding that students would still need to adhere to the minimum class attendance to sit for their examinations.

“Learners are provided with a synopsis of the course, the objectives of the course, stipulated pre-requisites, the topics of the course and required reference texts,” he added according to the statement.

The learning materials for the course will be presented in HTML, PDF or Word Document formats and various types of materials to support learning are made available to be viewed or down-loaded.

A link will allow students access to various databases such as journals, e-books, magazines, theses, dissertation, research reports and others. Students are able to download and print the material via a digital library.

This is just one of the new services to SEGi College Students to enrich their learning experience.

Meanwhile, the College’s Registration Day will be held on March 27 and 28, 2010, offering 2009 SPM high achievers with scholarships while the distinction scorers can cash in on the RM500 rebate for every A they score.

Any inquiry, the public can call toll free number 1-300-88-SEGI or 1-300-887344.

source from The Borneo Post