E-Masjid proposed for suraus and mosques

Posted on 15 Mar 2010

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KUCHING: Pantai Damai assemblyman Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi yesterday suggested the implementation of E-Masjid system to suraus and mosques in effort to modernise implementation of mosque programmes and management.

Speaking at a ceremony held at Surau Darul Asyiqin in Kampung Sungai Lumut, Dr Abdul Rahman suggested that Surau Darul Asyiqin carry out the pioneer project.

“For example, we can use TV monitor where Quranic verses are translated for better understanding,” he said.Picture

He also suggested to the committee of Surau Darul Asyiqin to prepare an information corner where information on the village could be easily obtained.

According to him, the surau location in the middle of a protocol road (from airport to Pantai Damai) would make it attractive to travellers to stop by and perform prayers.

Rahman also urged the villagers to turn the surau into a community centre.

“Suraus can be a unity tool for the people as it is owned by everybody,” said Rahman.

At the same function, Rahman also delivered a leadership award to one of the village’s previous chiefs, Sahari Kamis, who had played a major role in the building of the surau.

He also presented award to three of the previous mosque chairmen, the late Mohd Setok, the late Ghazali Mydin and the late Morshidi Jinal.

The Surau which started its construction on Mei 2005 was completed in March 2009, at a total cost of RM495,000.

Land for the surau project was donated by Ahak Nandak.

Also present during the event were advisor to the State Imam Datu Nahrawi Abdul Rahman, village chief Hazemi Sahari and Surau chairman Uni Amit.