Keep up with changes and acquire ICT skills, community heads told

Posted on 14 Dec 2009

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KUCHING: Community leaders, particularly ketua kampung or village chiefs, were yesterday asked to further improve themselves by participating in programmes offered by the government in areas of information and communication technology (ICT).Science, Technology and Innovation Deputy Minister Fadillah Yusof said times were changing and that in line with that change, one of the most important skills needed was ICT.

He said this when officiating at the biennial general meeting of Kuching Division Malay Community Leaders Association at Yayasan Sarawak building here.Picture

In order to adapt to changing times, Fadillah said it was vital for community leaders to enhance their knowledge, skills and information through various programmes.

“All community and village leaders must keep up with changes.

“The government has provided a variety of courses and programmes for you (community leaders) in ICT as well as in areas of management and administration,” Fadillah added.

He also said community leaders needed to have the skills to acquire information through the Internet.

“You should not just learn how to use the computer, but also know how to acquire information through the Internet and how to communicate through it, especially with the younger generation.

“You need to have information, facts and figures so that you can extend knowledge to those at the grassroots level,” the deputy minister stressed.

“Even the prime minister is using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the rakyat. I also use Facebook to communicate with the people. That is how we communicate now. Times have changed and we must adapt to it,” he reiterated.

The Kuching Division Malay Community Leaders Association was established in 2007 with the objectives of uniting community leaders to improve understanding among each other and providing

an avenue for community leaders to exchange views and input on issues concerning them.

It was the association’s second meeting since its establishment and was attended by some 100 community leaders and ketua kampung.

Fadillah also pledged a RM5,000 contribution to the association for its activities.

source: The Borneo Post