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    Salam Sejahtera, Salam ‘Honour to Serve’ dan Salam Sarawakku Sayang.

    I always believe that to serve in public service or civil service is an honourable calling. That is why I believe our mantra “An Honour to Serve” and our shared values must be deep-rooted and should be the driving force of our civil service, being resilient in all circumstances and overcoming all challenges. We must seize the moment to push forward to greater efficiency and effectiveness. The whole of the Civil Service has a role to play to achieve Sarawak’s vision of becoming A Developed and High-Income Society By 2030.

    Let us work together to provide –

  • Service with Foresight: Civil Servants must be visionary with purposeful foresight-doing something now with long term benefits for the rakyat.

  • Service with Rakyat Centric: Rakyat is first and upmost priority. Civil Servants must continue to demonstrate empathy, understanding our Rakyat and adding value to all our services to them. The relevance of the public sector today is assessed by the efficiency of its service delivery to the customer we serve.

  • Service from the Heart: The ultimate goal of public service is to deliver services to the people to promote a better living standard. We do not exist in our own right. We are all here to serve others.

  • Through this website, I want to share to all on the policies and directions of Sarawak Civil Service (SCS) and sincerely hope that it can provide you with adequate information you need, and I always welcome any feedbacks, suggestions and comments for continuous improvement of SCS.

    Thank you.

    Sarawak State Secretary